Now and then everybody needs a treat. This time I decided, that it is my turn to get one at my favorite hairdresser with the best hair products you can think of.

So I went to my favorite Hairdresser J.7 Hair Lounge in Munich. Not only I love the whole atmosphere there but also do they use my all-time favorite hair products from Shu Uemura art of hair
I know that a lot of you guys usually go the a barber shop and believe me guys! It is a great thing and i like it, too but in my opinion a barber shop is a cool thing if you need to be quick and do not look for any special treatments like head massages, special hair care or great consultation. It is definitely no comparison. 

To show you guys how great an appointment at my hairdresser can be I took some pictures for you & described step by step what I have done and what the service includes!

Everything starts with a consultation based on your head shape and head skin. Of course hereby you get something to drink...from coffee to an aperol spritz - you can have everything. You have the choice! ;)

Then you get an amazing head massage before getting a hair wash with the Shu Uemura art of hair Cleansing Oil shampoo range and its Cleansing Oil conditioner series. And here comes the best thing - you are laying on an electronic massage chair while your hair is washed! #heavenonearth

Then of course you just enjoy your drink and let the magic happen on your head. Say goodbye to messy hair.

Afterwards you get again another hair wash with the Shu Uemura cleansing oil range - of course again on those really comfortable seats with massage function and another relaxing head massage.

Since I was a lot in the sun this summer and my hair tends to turn very blond with a lot of gold reflects. But since I do not really like it on me personally, i decided also to change the reflects by dying them a bit colder. This is actually a great way if you really just want to change the reflections of you hair and to make it - like in my case - a bit colder and less warm and golden. But of course it works in every possible direction you can think of. Also if you want go go a bit darker, lighter or reddish, you can without dying you hair permanently or changing really the basic color of your hair.

 After letting the L'Oréal Professionell color on for a few minutes, there was another hair wash, following an intense but amazingly relaxing shiatsu massage on head, neck and shoulders as well as a special hair treatment with the Shu Uemura Color Lustre series to strengthen the hair and new color.

Next step is the blowout with the Wonder Worker by Shu Uemura out of the Murakami Series and the styling.

In my case we used Clay Definer also by Shu for the styling, since it gives your hair some definition and hold without making it shiny or sticky.

BTW Shu Uemura art of hair just launched a special christmas pop art edition of its most popular hair care products in a collaboration with Takashi Muraki. 
So hurry up and get one for yourself or loved ones for Christmas! 

The J.7 Hair lounge in Munich, Kreuzstrasse 6 is one of the very few and exclusive point of sales of Shu Uemura in Germany and Munich. If you are looking for any product out of the hair range, you will find it definitely here

For more Information about the J.7 Hair Lounge or to make an appointment please visit: http://friseur-muenchen-hair-lounge.j-7.de

For more Information about Shu Uemura and its point of sales please visit: http://shuuemuraartofhair.tumblr.com


Special Thanks to J-7 Munich, Carlos & the adorable Shushu.


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