Christmas is just around the corner and what's better than celebrating this season of the year with lovely people and your closest friends. Therefore I threw a cozy Christmas dinner together with Molton Brown London in my private apartment in Munich to enjoy some relaxed and wonderful time together as well as to celebrate the new Molton Brown Muddle Plum series - which was launched especially for this years Christmas. 

Anzeige / Advertising - in collaboration with Molton Brown London.

Not only did we had an amazing 4 course dinner, really great wine and plum flavored drinks, but thanks to Molton Brown London we had the beautiful opportunity to dive into the world of Molton Brown products and its very own sparkling muddle plumed vision of Christmas. We discovered the whole range from the Bodywash and -lotion, through the Eau de Toilette up to the amazingly yummy smelling Single Wick Candle. A huge surprise was the muddle plum scented glitter - a festive decanter of scented glitter, fragranced with delectable Victoria plums, oak-aged rum and warm, spiced saffron - which did not only added a luxury touch to the dinner arrangement but also added a lot of fun to to it! What we all really liked is the fact that you can sprinkle it over gifts, your tree or table - as we did - to transform your home into an iridescent winter wonderland. You can make precious baubles and softly glowing lights even more exciting with a delicate dusting of fragrant shimmers on your Christmas tree or send a little extra magic along with your heartfelt message by sprinkling your Christmas card with the Muddled Plum scented glitter.

The muddle plum scented glitter, as well as the whole limited edition collections scent ist based on orange, saffron and elemi in the top notes, plum, davana and oak-aged rum in the heart notes and sandalwood, benzoin and musk in the base notes. I guess I don’t need to tell you that any product from Molton Brown London is always a perfect Christmas gift. No matter if its for your mum, dad, siblings, grand parents, friends or colleagues. And as you can see from the pictures above: theres no single person who’s not happy about a little gift from Molton Brown. As I had this wonderful chance to do this Pre-Christmas dinner I chose a bunch of different and very unique presents from the whole Molton Brown London product range for my guests. But it seemed like everybody was pretty happy with their gifts - at least based on the pictures above. ;)

If yourself are still looking for the perfect gifts for your beloved ones, you should definitely not miss out to check all the different Molton Brown products and especially the Limited Muddled Plum Christmas Edition which is available in selected department stores like Ludwig Beck, Alsterhaus, KaDeWe, selected perfumeries and of course on moltonbrown.de
The limited Edition Muddled Plum collection consists of: 

I hope you will find your perfect gift for your beloved ones and explore the very unique world of Molton Brown London. 

For further information about the brand or the products please visit: www.MoltonBrown.de

Dieser Artikel ist in Kooperation mit Molton Brown London entstanden. 


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