Mens skin isn't as simple as everybody thinks. Especially if you want to use natural skincare products. But we've tested a bunch of different natural brands & lines and haven't been convinced that much in a long time as from the Susanne Kaufmann products. Check it out! 

Cleansing Gel Line M

The Cleansing Gel Line M by Susanne Kaufmann contains extracts of calming witch hazel and anti-inflammatory ribwort. Your skin will be carefully cleansed, invigorated and ideally prepared for additional treatments. This light gel is the perfect cleanser.

Apply to the face in the mornings and evenings rinse with water.

Moisturizing Gel Line M

This super light gel contains a hydrating combination of ingredients derived from apples as well as the natural cell protection factor ectoine. Its highly active, natural cell protection stimulates cellular division & regenerates the skin. The fruit acids also moisture and give the face freshness and a fresh glow. It is the ideal 24 hour care. Perfect for all skin types!

Apply to the face mornings and evenings.

Eye Gel Line M

The eye gel’s hazel extracts soothe and rosemary extracts accelerates the reduction of swelling. It is absorbed quickly and results in a pleasantly refreshing feeling and look. It can be applied to the entire eye!

Should be regularly applied in the mornings and eve-nings. Put on a thicker layer and leave on until soaked in. Reduces dark circles.

Regeneration Cream Line M

High-quality, natural active ingredients stimulate the cell functions and provide an antioxidant effect. The cream calms the skin and makes your skin look fresh and feel rejuvenated. Used regularly the cream reduces the first signs of skin aging. 

Apply in the morning and evening after cleansing as daily skin care.

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