London. June 2016. The last time I was in London, I got the amazing opportunity to spend one day at the TOM FORD Salon de Parfums at Harrods to discover the whole range of Fragrances and grooming products. For everybody who does not know the TOM FORD Salon de Parfums yet... it is an amazing lounge on the 6th floor of Harrods (careful there is only one escalator going there! You better ask for the way! Just a tiny tip! (-; ) where you can explore the world of exclusive perfumes in a relaxing atmosphere by personal appointments!  

Beeing there and having the chance to discover all those amazing and luxury perfumes by Tom Ford was a very special and unique experience for me. 
I hope I could inspire a few of you to try it out if you will visit London the next time or even already living there! 
For more Information about the Scents and grooming series visit or just step by at Harrods and make an appointment and get lost in the world of perfumes! 

For more Information about the brand visit and for the beauty products and fragrances 

Special thanks to Vicky. 


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