The 10 Summer essentials you guys should definitely try! 

1. White statement sneaker - it is all about statement - trust me, you will see 

Since a few seasons white sneakers are a must! They go well with every pants, jeans, jacket and even suit. Especially this year statement sneakers got their revival - the louder, the better! Since I am not the most crazy going person in terms of expensive Fashion pieces - (that might only survive one or two seasons) - I always tend to go for the subtle statements, so I do in terms of my sneakers choice. My personal favorite : The Gucci bee sneaker - as seen at Apropos Concept Store or Gucci.com. But no matter if it is Gucci, Valentino or McQueen.. statement is statement and it is cool! 

2. The summer Fragrance - because you want to make a statement with your scent 

My new fragrance - L'envol de Cartier - I just discovered thanks to Cartier's very special invitation. A perfect oriental summer fragrance for men. (See the article about the new fragrance & the experience here) This scent is just so different and amazing that you need to try it!

3. Orlebar Brown custom-made #snapshorts - for those of you who are bored of wearing the same swim short everybody else does 

Everybody is able to go to the store and to buy a swim short - it can cost 20 € or 500 € ... never mind. But the possibility that you will spot someone at the beach or pool with the same short as yours, is kind of big. That is why Orlebar Brown created the #snapshort. You can go online on www.orlebarbrown.de and upload any picture or design you like... wherever it is from the internet, your own taken picture or even own design! They will reproduce your picture on the short you choose and ship it to you as soon as it is produced! Days of un-personalized swim shorts are over! :) 

4. Iced Latte Macchiato with cool foamed milk made with the Nespresso Citiz & Aeroccino 4 - because a coffee during the summer is always a good idea

Ok guys, everybody who is such a coffee junked as I am will understand my issue in summer... having 45 degrees outside and drinking a hot coffee? This is definitely not working. But of course I need my coffee! My perfect solution for this is an iced latte. And the best way to make it, is with a Nespresso machine and the Aeroccino 4 (here). You can even foam cold milk! Perfect for the summer! 

BTW my personal tip - the Nespresso Citiz chrome limited edition! Timeless and visually more an interior design piece than a coffee machine! So guys if you're looking for a cool coffee machine, that is unique, nobody has - but you still want to have the convenient pro's of a Nespresso, go for this one!!!  You can get it HERE and do not forget it is a limited edition! So hurry up and enjoy your cool summer coffee drinks! :)

5. Timeless elegant but yet sportive luxury Watch - because it is still THE man’s statement piece 

A watch. A statement piece, a companion through time and your personal time keeper. Something every man should have. But which watch is the right one? There are so many great watches on this planet that I will not tell you which one to choose, but I can give you a great tip! Check out the new Piaget Polo S watchI felt completely in love with it, the moment I saw it. It is sporty, urban and energetic. A watch for every man,  for all time! Definitely my must have watch! Check it out here.

6. Tom Ford bronzing gel for men - for those who still need a bit of a tan 

This is the ideal solution for those of you guys, who are maybe not on vacation or are just unlucky with the weather or basically do not get enough of a tan. If you feel you are a bit pale, you just add a little amount of the bronzing gel to you cheekbones in the morning after your regular grooming routine and voila! You look fresh and you get a light bronze tone that makes you look like as if you spent the last days in the sun! Get it here. 

7. Louis Vuitton Travel Guide App - for the coolest trips all around the world

Vuitton released a while ago their famous city travel guides as an App. The perfect companion for cool and sophisticated trips to the big cities of this world! And the best thing... It's all on your phone!

8. Ligne St. Barth tanning product range - the best to get a perfect summer tan 

For me Ligne St.Barth are the perfect tanning products! Starting with a coconut oil with 0 SPF, through a 4 SPF tanning oil and a 8 SPF tanning lotion, up to the 15 SPF and 30 SPF lotions. They have everything for any kind of skin type! And after tanning you use the Aloe Vera after sun lotion and you will have the most gorgeous deep golden tan without risking a sunburn! For more information about the products visit: www.lignestbarth.com

9. Fun & colorful t-shirts - because summer is fun & so should fashion be 

Go and buy some colorful t-shirts! They go well with every look and put you in a good mood! My pick for this summer: the Paul Smith t-shirts

10. Cool sunnies - every year the same drama and every year a must-have! 

New summer, new sunnies right? If you're looking for cool, unusual and especially light - in terms of weight at least - sunnies, check out Lapo Elkan's sunglasses brand Italiaindependent.com - they are not only different but also super comfortable and light! My pick(s) for this summer? The limited NAS x Ghostbusters collection.

As I said guys, this summer is all about statements! XXX


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