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Now everybody knows.... I am married to coffee! - Even Nespresso found out and kindly invited me to its experience event for the new launch of the Nespresso Expert machine!
And what did I do? Of course I went! Enjoyed tons of jummy coffee (especially the new limited edition of the cafezinho do brazil  - here -), took some pics & stole some information about the new machine...just to share them with you!

As we know already - innovation and quality are the core competencies of Nespresso, but this time with the Nespresso Expert machine they really managed to bring those qualities to life! Thanks to the new gadgets that Nespresso has added, you can get the best and most personalized grand cru at home - with only one swipe on your phone with the Nespresso app. From the temperature to the cup size, everything can be easily adjusted and individualized.

The new features of the Nespresso Expert include for example:
  • 4 different cup sizes like ristretto (25 ml), espresso (40 ml), lungo (110 ml) and (NEW!) americano (25ml & 125 ml of hot water) 
  • 3 temperature settings - warm, hot & extra hot (LOVE IT!) 
  • hot water function with an completely separate outlet
  • connection with Bluetooth Smart® technology
As I could see the new Nespresso Expert is not only innovative in terms of its functions. The new design of the machine impresses with its new and filigree elegance. In my opinion this represents a new era of luxury coffee machines without making any compromises.

As I already mentioned at the begining, the machine can be operated with your smartphone and through the existing Nespresso app (here) - especially interesting for the lazy morning people ;). The app also indicates you when the capsules container is full or the water container runs low.

The machines are now available in two models - one with the Aeroccino 3 milk frother and one without. Which is really great for those under you who already have a Nespresso and an Aeroccino and only want to upgrade their coffee machine to the next level!

What I can definitely say about the machine is that I think it is an amazing and really cool looking machine, that will make the lives of many of us coffee lovers more convenient.

The best is you check it out on your own guys! So go and check it out in stores now.

For further information about the Nespresso Expert or Nespresso in general please visit

Special Thanks to Max & the wonderful team of Nespresso


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