Hi guys, hope you are doing great! I do not know if you might have seen it already, but I got my first article in a magazine. And not any magazine but the Munich Deluxe Magazine! :) 

It is really funny that the Publishing Group Deluxe who is a luxury magazine publisher with its head office in Vienna, Austria and publishing Magazines titled Vienna Deluxe, Munich Deluxe, Switzerland Deluxe & South Africa Deluxe, contacted me to do the article, especially  since I am reading the magazine regularly. 

The magazines are respectively distributed at top addresses in Austria, Germany, Switzerland and South Africa. 

About the magazines: 

« Our trilingual luxury magazines are niche products, and we have set ourselves the goal of communicating to an extremely exclusive and demanding target group, to Ultra High Net Worth Individuals (UHNWIs) » states Alexandra Burgesmeir, CEO and founder of the group. 

« The magazines are distributed at top addresses where the density of UHNWIs, wealthy business travellers and tourists is especially high. Due to their trilingual nature, the magazines also allow our readers the possibility of reading the magazine in the language of their choice » she continues « this way, we can guarantee our partners in the luxury segment that they are communicating to a group of readers with the necessary income to purchase their products, whilst taking into account the globe trotting nature and the multilingualism of the modern UHNWI ».  

The content of each Deluxe magazine is tailored to the local market, or country and features stories on topics such as fashion & lifestyle, beauty & trends, travel & leisure, art & design and business & finance to cater to its discerning readership and the magazines are especially popular for their beautiful luxury watch editorials. Below I created a little overview for you, so you can get an idea how it looks like! :)

In 2016, the Publishing Group Deluxe also launched its online blog called Diary Deluxe, which follows its team on their exploits and event visits all around the world and which caters to a younger, yet still luxury affine target group and offers online content that differs from content presented in its magazines. 

A little tip: you can subscribe to receiving the Deluxe magazine of your choice from the comfort of your own home by visiting the magazine’s websites!

Also make sure to check out their beautiful blog at!

Cheers! XXX 

Special thanks to Anna.


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