If you are still looking for presents and maybe already started to can relax now! 

Molton Brown launches its limited Christmas edition "Fabled Juniper Berries & Lapp Pine".

An unexpected olfactory composition with cold and warm facets, which enfold the senses by capturing the distinctive character of a classic, white Christmas festival. 

Molton Brown has extracted the pine bark extract from remote polar forests and rounded off with the stimulating freshness of the crunchy juniper berries - you will think of a wonderful winter excursion smelling it. Behind this composition lies the revival of long-forgotten fables from Lapland - narrated by the heart-warming adventures of the young Albin. 

About the composition: 

"This seasonal composition is created with the scent of fresh, aromatic and spicy juniper berries, elemi and frankincense, which combines with the green, aromatic pinewood notes - and thus reminds us of a perfect forest in the Christmas season," explains master perfumer and scent creator Carla Chabert of Fragrance Essentielles.
"For a cool feeling - like that of a snow cover - ozonic notes were combined with violet blossoms. This is rounded off with musk, cashmere wood, cedarwood and oakmoss, complemented with a touch of vanilla, which radiates warmth and well-being - like the pleasure of entering a cozy cabin after exploring the wilderness. "

The look:

To celebrate this limited collection of fragrances, Molton Brown, the court supplier for Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth, is proud to present the "Royal Arms", the coat of arms of the United Kingdom, on its products - printed in polished
Silver. In addition, the Christmas candle is decorated for the first time with illustrated juniper berries and pines. For the ultimate seasonal fine touch, the entire collection is decorated with delicate, rattling blue bells, which at the same time reflect the juniper berries and the Christmas mood.

So if you are still struggling with an idea for your loved ones, family or friends, men or women, this is the perfect gift! Let us be honest... who doesn't like the smell of winter! 

The collection: 

And now hurry! Buy amazing presents for your loved ones!!!!

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Special Thanks to Valentina, Corinne & Molton Brown. 


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