It is that time of the year again. Gits over gifts demands and no ideas. For those of you who still have no clue what to gift the gentlemen in your life or you need some ideas for yourself, here are the 10 best gift ideas for demanding gentlemen.

What else could be more perfect than a really good scotch for a real man. The Johnnie Walker Blue Label scotch, which comes this year in a limited to 636 Bottles Christmas edition (HERE) is the perfect gift for conaisseures as well as scotch starters. This scotch with "its striding man" Logo  is incomparably rich and smoky, with velvety smooth breaking waves of powerful flavor.
Created from hand-selected casks of some of the rarest and most exceptional whiskies, there is no sensory experience quite like Johnnie Walker Blue Label. Hazelnuts, honey, sherry and oranges tumble in first, before releasing hidden secrets like ginger, kumquats, sandalwood and dark chocolate. A rich honey sweetness emerges, accompanied by hints of pepper and dried fruits, before an impossibly long, lingering, smooth finish of perfectly balanced, soft smoke. 
Johnnie Walker Blue Label limited Christmas Edition.(199€)

Not only for coffelovers! The very popular REVEAL collection is now being expanded with a Lungo tasting glass. Like a good wine, coffee should also be tasted in a matching glass. The aroma experts from Nespresso, together with the glass manufacturer Riedel, have created these wonderful glasses. In the precisely proportioned glasses, the balanced aromas of the coffee are optimally developed. The soft texture is emphasized and the sensory pleasure is increased to a truly sensational experience. Look forward to an optimized aroma profile and an even more intense coffee moment. Nespresso Reveal Lungo glasses.(set of 2 glasses 30 €)

Still a must have. The watch of 2016. Easy, sporty and elegant. Piaget created the Piaget Polo S for a new generation: a generation of game changers. Featuring an ingenious shape-within-shape that is Piaget’s distinctive hallmark, the Piaget Polo S displays the unique association of a cushion-shaped dial within a round 42mm case. Designed by Piaget, its automatic movement discreetly reveals its beauty through a sapphire case-back. A watch that – by day or by night, at work or at play – speaks to and for a new generation. Piaget Polo S.(10.900 €)

Cashmere Pullover for gentlemen? This will never run out of fashion. The best garments and quality are combined in this Etro turtleneck pullover, which will make every man look more than handsome and sophisticated. Etro cashmere pullover. (870 €)

Watching a movie and getting cold? Check out the Joop Living collection and especially its plaids. Produced in Italy mixed with cashmere, those blankets will keep you warm during the winter in front of the TV, while reading a book or cuddling with your love. Joop Living plaid(159€)

 A classic. An understatement that everybody gets now. Simple, clean and yet so fluffy. Acne Studios. (150€)

It is the ultimate sophisticated bag for every man. Clean, simple but yet with twist, elegant, timeless and still a big statement. Not only it is comfortable but also a companion that will survive every trip and help out probably forever. The selleria leather is not only a dream come true in terms of leather quality but it is the most masculine leather you will probably every find on a mans bag. Fendi Peekaboo(4.050 €)

For those who like it a bit louder and crazy. Especially for those man who already own any kind of Fendi bags, this is a must have! It gives this special twist to every Bag and gives an additional statement. You attach it to your bag and there you don't be boring... be a monster. Fendi Monster Bag Bug. (770 €)

Rare. Exotic. Distinctive. Oud. One of the most rare, precious and expensive ingredients in a perfumers arsenal. This scent is more than unique and grown up. Not for everyone but for the very special ones. Tom Ford Oud Wood EDP(298 € /100 ml).

The classic gucci loafer. Goes well with almost everything and suits everybody, and definitely it will last a lifetime. A non-hype hype piece to own. Gucci Horsebit Loafer. (2.200 €)



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