Guys! I have some great news for all coffeelovers! Nespresso just launched its new coffee "Selection Vintage 2014" which is a limited edition and is now available! 

Nespresso also recently invited to an exclusive presentation of its new and limited coffee edition. Where I had the chance take part in a whiskey tasting composed of 3 exclusive whiskeys accompanied with the Rosabay de Colmbia, continuing with the Kazaar and finishing with the Selection Vintage 2014 coffee. Since the Selection Vintage 2014 is a coffee that needs 3 years to become as great as it is, Whisky is a perfect companion in terms of maturation time and taste. 

The limited edition Selected Vintage 2014 has a complete new, extraordinary and very rare taste.
Thanks to the long and strictly controlled maturation process, it developed its complex aroma with elegant wood nuances with an intensity of 7.

Only a few coffees do get the privilege of maturing over a longer period of time. 
For the maturation process of the Selection Vintage 2014 coffee beans, nespresso selected a storage in Colombia, close to the Equator on a hight of almost 3.700 meters. The reason for this unusual location is simple - since the oxygen intensity is lower, also the air is cooler and the humidity freezes directly, instead of being absorbed of the beans. There the coffee beans are stored for three years. 

What the expert says

Karsten Ranitzsch, Head of Coffee at Nespresso, explains: "With the SELECTION VINTAGE 2014 we want to present a completely new flavor with very special quality features. To this end, we used a method which is very well known in the food and beverage industry, and applied it to coffee. The starting point for the production of ripened coffee were beans of exceptional quality, which we stored under very special and constantly controlled conditions. Every slight change in moisture, temperature, time, light, air pressure, and oxygen content would have affected the final taste. This precisely coordinated process has produced an outstanding coffee with a very distinctive aroma profile."

To enjoy the aroma of this very special vintage coffee, Nespresso also launched (as known from the past) a wonderful collection of Riedel glasses, in a matching packaging to the selected vintage 2014 capsules and its packaging.

So you better run and try out the new Selection Vintage 2014 - since it is a limited and really yummy edition! 

Special thanks to Nespresso & Max.


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