Munich, March, 2017.  New year, new fragrance. 

From time to time everybody needs a change and sometimes also the signature scent you are always wearing has to be replaced.
It took me a while to find THE new fragrance for myself... But finally I found it and since I got a lot of requests recently about my actual fragrance, here is a short article about the new Bottega Veneta pour homme parfum

I am a big fan of Bottega Veneta's unique and understatement style. I love the heritage & story behind the brand & its products. That is of course the reason, why I came easily across the brand's own perfume range with its sensually masculine & self-confident statement.

The house’s signature masculine fragrance, initially introduced 4 years ago, presents a distinct vision of masculinity, combining sensuality and subtle intellect. With its first Pour Homme eau de parfum Bottega Veneta introduces a bolder interpretation. 
The juice opens with highly concentrated woody and spicy notes of cedar leaves and rich cardamom, enhanced and strengthened at the heart by pimento and fir balsam.

The sensuality of this highly masculine scent is a rustic manifestation for every man. 

The Bottega Veneta Pour Homme Parfum flacon and its box remain authentic to the house’s principles of outstanding craftsmanship, innovative design, contemporary functionality, and the highest quality materials, featuring the iconic intrecciato base and screw motif that unites the Pour Homme range of fragrances.

Bottega Veneta pour Homme is a strongly masculine and fascinating combination of rare and high quality materilas. That differentiates itself from other fragrances. 

The flacon is made of Murano-glass its deep and smoky color continues the color range of the first Bottega signature fragrance and is in my opinion one of the coolest flacons I have seen in a while. 

The Perfume is available in two sizes: 50 ml & 90 ml. You can get it HERE.

For more information about the Perfume or the brand please visit:

Special thanks to Haebmau & T. 


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