Munich, April 2017.

Finding the right shaver as a man is probably one of the most challenging things. And by finding the right ONE, I do not mean an electrical shaver that performs O.K. - but rather one that is easy to handle, shaves quickly and accurate and meets all your needs in terms of shaping and shortening your facial hair. 

To fulfill all those needs & wishes of men, REMINGTON just launched a new electrical shaver - the REMINGTON Flex360° Grooming Kit XR1410
This little helper is not only super handy and small, but comes with a lot of really helpful features.

REMINGTON, the specialist for now over 80 years in electrical shaving just released its newest shaving range with a bunch of additional attachments - the kit includes a detail trimmer, a beard styler with adjustable comb, a brush head for perfect shaving results and a face brush for deep cleansing - really cool! 

As we all know - there are more and more clever devices that simplify our lifes at home in the office or on the road - with a clever combination of technology and design, like tablets or smartphones. REMINGTON is going with the flow by pushing the trend to the bathroom routine. The Flex360° series combines ergonomic design with advanced technology and provides shaving results in every situation of life - no matter if it is on trips or at home. 

As mentioned - the Flex360° series features the Flex360° rotary shaver XR1400 and the Flex360° Grooming Kit XR1410. 
But here is the unmentioned special feature: thanks to the ergonomic design, this shaver fits perfectly into the palm of your hand, enhancing your natural wrist movement for a closer shave with complete control. This provides an excellent shaving result for every skin type and every face shape.

Now a bit about the technical facts: Thanks to the build in HyperFlex technology the shaver neck adjusts to the unique contours of your face so you can now combine a close, comfortable shave with complete 360-degree control. Small but mighty, the Dual Track Blades combined with flexing Active Contour heads provide a smooth glide across your face with precision, and deliver a powerful shaving performance. Both devices are lithium-powered and 100% waterproof and are also perfect for wet or dry usage with and without shaving foam.

Cool bonus: Face care is also covered!
Modern men know the advantages of a perfectly perfectly cultivated facial skin. For this reason, the Flex360° Grooming Kit XR1410 comes with two different brush heads for facial cleansing and preparation of the skin for shaving. The brush head "Deep cleansing" frees the skin from impurities and thus ensures a clean and fresh skin and can easily replace your usual skin brush you use at home or on trips or vacations. You can safe space in your luggage without compromising on cleansing results! 
The brush head "Pre-Shave" guarantees a perfect preparation for a thorough hair removal. The Flex360° Grooming Kit XR1410 also includes a special beard styling attachment with an adjustable attachment comb to easily trim and shape the beard. (All accessories can be purchased separately!)

As a lifestyle brand and one of the leading personal care brands, REMINGTON stands for premium quality and innovative technologies. REMINGTON works closely with hairdressers, hair experts and its consumers. They are the inspiration and the basis for the development of new electrical personal care products that really work and deliver superior results every single time.

So if you, are looking for an easy and handy electrical shaver with a convincing performance and really cool additional features, do not hesitate to go for "REMINGTON Flex360° Grooming Kit XR1410" (GET it HERE)!

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Special thanks to Remington.


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