Between shopping, gentlemen cocktails & Jimmy Choo's

Ingolstadt Village, May 2017.
You know guys, sometimes there are those amazing women's shoe brands that launch a men’s collection, right? Jimmy Choo is one of those - and we can say it out loud - thank good! Especially since Jimmy Choo has not only shoes - but pretty rocking men’s shoes! 

But there is this thing… as we all know a good shoe has a certain price. Which makes absolutely sense and is fine if you consider the high quality, the design, shopping experience and label. But of course not everybody (including me) has always the budget or is in the mood for spending those big amounts on a pair of shoes. Luckily there are solutions for everything on this planet and Ingolstadt Village (Here) with its great selection of outlet stores, is for sure one of that! 

For those of you who didn't knew: I really love outlet shopping! And do not dare to ask me why, because it is pretty simple: It is fun spending a day hunting for the coolest stuff knowing that you're saving money on every piece compared to the usual retail price. You have all the shops centered at one place, having the greatest selection of lifestyle, premium, up to luxury brands.

About Ingolstadt Village: 
Ingolstadt village is located only 40 minutes from Munich and 50 minutes from Nuremberg.
In the Village you will find more than 110 boutiques of German and international brands such as Birkenstock, Bally, American Vintage, Hanro, Missoni and Aigner. Recent additions include for example Jimmy Choo! The whole Village is really charming and has an amazing vibe. You can stroll through the stores discover new trends, have a coffee or lunch in-between and enjoy the chilled and relaxed atmosphere in this village. And the best thing: you can really save some money buying the coolest clothes and accessories at the same time. And if you're lucky you might participate in one of the many special offers Ingolstadt is offering to get further reductions! 

Last week, I just had the chance to experience again how much fun it can be at Ingolstadt village, since I followed an invitation of Jimmy Choo to its men’s cocktail event there and did a quick shopping tour in-between. As usual I was supposed not to buy anything, but you know how it is… first you enter a shop here and there and you can resist. But then you fall in love with several pieces and buy them. Basically I went home with two big shopping bags and a tremendously amazing pair of Jimmy Choo tassle loafers - covered in glitter! Wanna know why glitter? Just because! :D 

Another highlight of this day was the gin, vodka and whiskey tasting at the Jimmy Choo boutique with great music and cool guests! Absolutely worth stepping by the next time! 

So guys, check out the pictures I took during my shopping spree in Ingolstadt village and my new beloved Jimmy Choo shoes. What do you think about them? :) 

Also check out Wertheim Village which is located close to Frankfurt and Würzburg and is as perfect as Ingolstadt Village for any kind of shopping.

Cheers guys and happy shopping! 

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