I got this little helper - the REMINGTON Flex360° Grooming Kit XR1410 - recently and was not disappointed after using it for several times. The Flex360° is not only super handy and small, but comes with a lot of really helpful features like a detail trimmer, a beard styler with adjustable comb, a brush head for perfect shaving results and a face brush for deep cleansing - everything a man needs! The device is lithium-powered and 100% waterproof and is also perfect for wet or dry usage with and without shaving foam. Cool bonus: Face care is also covered! The Flex360° Grooming Kit XR1410 comes with two different brush heads for facial cleansing and preparation of the skin for shaving. The brush head "Pre-Shave" guarantees a perfect preparation for a thorough hair removal. You want a new great looking but also performing electrical shaver? Then do not hesitate to go for "REMINGTON Flex360° Grooming Kit XR1410".

Uomo The Red, the new Trussardi Parfums fragrance, is as unequivocally masculine scent, that has a warm and reassuring embrace, which is like a sweet, heartfelt hug of a favorite brother. Embrace is definitely the right word for this olfactive creation by famous nose Aurélien Guichard who created an Eau de Toilette as pervasive and lingering as an Eau de Parfum. Uomo The Red by Trussardi is the fragrance of the new alpha male who knows and dominates every nuance of passion in his life. There is a tinge of black in the red of Uomo The Red. It is as precious as a ruby, as sumptuous as silk velvet, and as full-bodied as a glass of Burgundy wine. Woody-floral-spicy, it was made to last and be remembered. Its head notes (lemon, nutmeg, galbanum, and cognac accord) express bold Italian elegance that is always sexy and carefree in men. The intense virility of the heart notes (geranium, violet leaves, clary sage) has the same genetic trace of Trussardi Uomo, the fragrance that started everything. The base notes (tonka bean, patchouli and leather) define the sophisticated sensuality of Aurélien Guichard’s olfactive creation. It is a scent guys, you can wear everyday or only for special occasions. It is a must have for this year! 

This tonic really works and instantly thickens hair and expands strands from roots to ends. Powered by botanicals—including certified organic amla fruit. Aveda's own pure-fume™ aroma with certified organic rosemary, geranium, cinnamon and other pure flower and plant essences. So if you have thin hair use it! It instantly thickens your hair for a fuller style.

A pure and natural all-in-one cleansing water that removes impurities while toning and brightening your skin. Dermaclear Micro Water is made with 85 percent active hydrogen mineral water instead of refined water and is formulated with 90 percent natural ingredients. This unique formula allows it to remove all impurities and even makeup without irritation while it provides nutrients and superior moisturizing. Suitable for hypersensitive skins, it leaves a fresh, clean feeling while toning and brightening. Completely formulated without Parabens or Sulfates. Just Saturate a cotton pad with Micro Water and lightly sweep over entire face to remove all impurities, dirt and / or makeup. No need to rinse after use.

Annoyed of having a certain perfume which mixes its scent with your too strongly perfumed bodylotion? The Unscented Body Lotion by Ligen St. Barth will solve this issue. Thanks to its specific lipid structure, the Unscented Body Lotion improves the skin’s natural barrier and is suitable for all skin types. The flowing, liquefied consistency ensures that the lotion rubs in easily, while the protective, nourishing properties work wonders at calming hot skin that has been out in the sun, or soothing dry skin during the winter months. Great! 

A lightweight styling gel with medium hold that conditions to help fortify. Made with morikue™protein. For fine to medium hair. Enriched with Aveda's own pure-fume™ aroma of certified organic ylang ylang, petitgrain and lavender.
It is a lightweight styling gel with morikue™protein conditions to help fortify with medium hold - especially great for fine to medium hair

I discovered this life saver in London. It is a deeply cleansing wash to refresh your skin. Ginger, black rice and quartz gently exfoliate it and charcoal helps to remove impurities and balance your skin!


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