What I do to calm down

Sometimes life is crazy and it's difficult to calm down - especially for me in December during the last weeks of the year.  And since a lot of you asked how I calm down normally between shoots, emails, appointments, shows and events I decided to show you exactly what I do and use to relax.  
1. I go to my cosy corner at home where I feel comfortable.

2. I place everything I need to chill next to me, so I won't have to move anymore for the next 20 min. 

3. BTW: I always wear something comfortable! Like the Henry robe by HANRO - super classy, comfortable, made of 100% Woven Cotton Chambray, with a shawl collar and contrast piping (available here) - BTW soon is Christmas and trust me this robe is a pretty amazing gift! :)

4. I enlight a candle - my favorite candle at the moment - the black peppercorn candle by Molton Brown (find it here). 

5. I get my cup of coffee - for example the Nespresso Fortissio Lungo (here).

6. I put on some calm music on my 911 Porsche bluethooth speaker (yes you've read right! :D And not only does it look pretty cool but the sound is really mind-blowing) (check it out here).

And when everything is set I just enjoy my cup of coffee and chill! :) 
So that's it basically. Nothing special - I just chill and try to make the breaks as comfy as possible by wearing, using and surrounding myself with the nicest products I have.

I hope I was able to answer to all the emails and instamessages I got to this topic! :) 

Shown products in pictures: 

In collaboration with Hanro & Porsche Design.


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