November 2017. Long time no see - at least in this category! But to be honest guys... I always try to present you products I am really convinced of & I have tried personally. But in the past few weeks I did not had the luck to be thrilled by the most products I have tested. That's why it took such a long time for me to create this post where I can honestly say these products actually are great ones and they work! So take a look and hopefully you will find something for yourself! Cheers! X

With the new Durablade, you can trim, shave and style any length of facial hair and will never need to replace the blades!
The four different stubble combs give you the flexibility to trim any length of hair evenly and comfortably, giving you the perfect short beard or designer stubble. By using the blade only, Durablade has been designed to deliver a clean shaven look by easily removing hair of any length and in any direction.
With long lasting blades that you’ll never need to replace, the Durablade is the dependable shaver that will never let you down.
It’s dual sided TST (trim shave technology) blades allow you to groom in any direction effortlessly, whether that’s with or against the grain, and gives you the confidence to shape clean cut and defined edges, or remove hair completely for the ultimate clean cut look.
Lithium-powered and fully waterproof with an anti-slip grip, this instrument can be used wet, dry or with foam/ gel. Definitely one of the best products I have tried in a long time! 

This new distinctively flavoured toothpaste effectively cleans teeth and gums. Thanks to its opaque, creamy paste texture it leaves your teeth feeling cleansed, refreshed and invigorated thanks to its key ingredients consisting of Sea Buckthorn, Cardamon&  Wasabia Japonica.


(1) A must have for shavers! It clears the way for closest shaves. Fine, non-abrasive grains de-flake, lift beard hairs, helps reduce ingrown hairs. Revives and smooths skin.

(2) This lightweight formula controls oil for a matte, shine-free look. Oil-free hydration improves skin strength. Easy to use but with a prefect result!

This little skin wonder is a firming active concentrate for use as a 4-week intensive treatment to improve skin firmness. And heres the best: it works! The result: a visibly smoother, firmer and younger-looking complexion. It does also support the entire collagen cycle. Tripeptide-1 solution activates collagen production, while ECM Protect reduces elastin fiber degradation. Carnosine stabilizes the collagen structure and has an anti-glycation effect. It corrects wrinkles and decreasing tissue firmness and tangibly improves the complexion.

Creates a rich, creamy lather for a delightful shampoo experience with a special blend of moisturizing ingredients imparts softness and shine as the formula adds body and fullness. Also it is suitable for all hair and scalp types when mildness is desired! 

This little styling helper creates texture with a strong, pliable hold and matte finish. Its lightweight formula gives you control to create any style you want. As most of the products it has Aveda’s own pure-fume™ aroma with certified organic spearmint, vetiver, lavender and other pure flower and plant essences.


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