Berlin - between friends, fashion week, small talk & nespresso on ice

Berlin, July 2017.

Twice a year it happens in Berlin. Der Berliner Mode Salon. One of the biggest & most important presentations during Berlin fashion week. Not only designers & press are there but also bloggers, influences, photographers, celebrities, agencies and personalities. 

For me it is probably one of the most inspiring and fun events in Berlin during the whole year. It gives me the opportunity to see really great & outstanding collections, the hottest trends & latest looks from mostly German designers. Additionally it is great to meet interesting and inspiring people and to see a lot of friends and do some catch up chats. 

So of course I met a lot of friends like Lisa Hahnbueck & Aylin Koenig this year, too. Together we strolled through the new collections, had a lot of fun and talked about everything. All that happened over a few glasses of Nespresso on Ice. The new very yummy coffee variations by Nespresso. 

Since all of you know that I love coffee - no matter if it's hot or cold, I was pretty happy discovering that Nespresso has matched this new coffee specifically for an ice-cold enjoyment. It feels like it is made for every occasion in Summer. From the cool start to the hot day until the end of a dinner on a warm summer evening. And while it was an amazingly beautiful summer day, all of us were seeking for a cold refreshment. So thank god, we all found the Nespresso on Ice coffee bar with which Nespresso was supporting the Berliner Modesalon for the first time. Even more exciting for me personally was the fact that Nespresso introduced it's new coffee just there at the Berliner Modesalon, while I was a part of it! :-P (Lucky me!!!) 

About the new Nespresso on Ice 

The Nespresso on Ice collection consists of two delicious Limited Edition coffees specially developed for the ice-cooled pleasure. For these novelties, the Nespresso coffee- experts inspired by the Mediterranean lifestyle and something unique so far. The Limited Edition captivates with specially selected coffeeprofils, which are ice-cooled, incomparably rich and refined flavors develop.

Intenso On Ice is a powerful coffee with cereal and cocoa beans and an intense final
from roasted aromas. Prepared as a latte macchiato on ice, it reveals a soft, creamy texture with notes of fine pastries. 

Leggero On Ice is a mild coffee, the fruity and balanced nuances. Prepared as black ice coffee, it develops delicate fruit and citron notes with long-lasting aromas & a body-rich soft texture.

How to do your Nespresso on Ice / recipe: 

The coffee experts from Nespresso have developed two recipes, which always conjure a perfect ice-coffee with water or even with milk.
  1. Add seven normal sized ice cubes to a glass. (If you want your drink to stay longer cool, use 3 extra big ones!) 
  2. Fill up the glass with one serving of Espresso (40 ml) of the varieties Intenso On Ice or Leggero On Ice. Lovers of very intense coffee between you, can also make the recipe on two Ristretto (2 x 25 ml) of Intenso On Ice or Leggero On Ice varieties.
  3. Finally, add 90 ml of cold water or cold milk froth (about six tablespoons).
  4. Get refreshed & enjoy! 

Intenso On Ice and Leggero On Ice are available from 09.06.2017 for a limited time in Nespresso boutiques worldwide! Also available onnline at

For more information about Nespresso & Nespresso on Ice please visit:

For more information about Der Berliner Modesalon please visit:

Special thanks to Nespresso, Sabrina & Max making this collaboration possible.


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