I know, that you know that I am a huge Nespresso fan and addict - that’s why you won’t be surprised that I am more than excited to announce the new Nespresso Creatista Plus machine (that I’ve presented at the beginning of this year - read it here -) is finally out & available in Germany! 

And of course after waiting for 6 months for it I got it right away! #happyme

Probably a lot of you will wonder, why am I so overexcited about this machine, but guys I can tell you this is the most innovative, intuitive, and incredible machine you can find out there! But to be sure you get it too, let me explain: 

The Italian barista flair is unique, right?! Coffee is celebrated at the highest level and it also looks really yummy! Everyone knows the lovely curved hearts in a barista cappuccino and its milk foam. And now Nespresso brings this feeling into your own home (especially mine! ;) ) & presents its new highlight: the Creatista Plus.

Nespresso takes a new level of innovation and individuality, enabling coffee bean enthusiasts like me, to create their favorite Grand Cru in barista style. From the creamy cappuccino to the velvety soft flat white, but as we know every milk recipe needs a different texture. Thanks to Creatista Plus this isn't an issue anymore. Whether pre-set recipes or individual wishes - milk temperature and texture can be easily adjusted via the intuitive display. The automatic steam nozzle conjures the basis for sensual creations of foam and coffee.

The Nespresso experts have joined forces with the Australian supplier Breville and developed a machine that combines convenient handling with the quality and performance typical of both brands.

Evelyne Wrobbel, marketing director at Nespresso Germany even says: “For us, coffee is passion! That is why we do not compromise on our Nespresso coffee quality and strive every day for innovations that enable connoisseurs to enjoy a perfect coffee experience. With the Creatista Plus, we have been a highlight for milk lovers and design connoisseurs! „ - smart lady! :)

All this & more you can do now with the Creatista Plus by Nespresso! For the most delicious results you should also try the new Barista Limited Edition capsules by Nespresso  - 2 of 3 of the new limited capsules were specially created to harmonize perfectly with foamed milk! 

Le Barista Corto was created for Ristretto with an intensity of 11, Le Barista Chiaro for Cappuccino with an intensity of 5 and Le Barista Scudo with an intensity of 8 specially for Espresso macchiato. 

The Limited Edition capsules are available form the 1st of September (also available in a Barista Trio Pack) and definitely worth trying it! #yummy

Oh! And BTW: With its unique design concept, the Creatista Plus was also able to convince the jury of the prestigious Red Dot Design Award you probably also heard already of & was awarded the "Best of the Best" in the category Product Design. The Creatista Plus really impresses with its stainless steel surface, the rounded corners and chrome details - typical barista design elements, like the steam nozzle, make the picture complete. IN my opinion it is not only a really great machine but also a cool interior piece for every kitchen! 

You can find here my selected favorite Nespresso items: 

The new Nespresso Creatista Plus (499 €) coffee machine is available in Nespresso boutiques worldwide and can be conveniently ordered via the Nespresso Hotline or online at In addition, Creatista Plus is also available in Germany at Media Markt and Saturn.

In cooperation with Nespresso. 

Special thanks to Nespresso & Max making this article possible.


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