Where does my coffee come from?

Munich. October 2017.
Most of you guys probably know that I love Nespresso coffee. I'm basically married to it. 
But have you ever wondered where the coffee you drink on a daily base really comes from? I have to admit, that  I haven't until a few days ago... 

And since I feel it is a really interesting topic, that might also open a few eyes in terms of buying any coffee in any supermarket, I wanted to share all the informations I have - with you!

Sustainability & Quality

Big topic right!? But what does it means in terms of Nespresso? 

Well it turns out that Nespresso only usees beans from carefully selected and strictly tested sources to meet the most discerning palate. And only 1-2% of the world's coffee production corresponds to the high quality standards of Nespresso.  For every coffee the Nespresso experts develop a new and unique composition. Nespresso's main focus is its high-quality aroma and flavor profile.

To ensure this, Nespresso always chooses the highest quality coffees in the world.
Did you knew that through its own AAA Sustainable Quality ™ program, Nespresso works closely with farmers and organizations such as TechnoServe to produce high-quality beans with sustainable methods? Me neither, but they do. Impressive right?

Also does Nespresso understands itself as a partner and supports the coffee farmers,  for example with mills etc. The coffees are harvested by hand, fermented and dried in the sun - Nespresso obviously prefers to process its beans with the most natural procedures. 

The gentle roasting and grinding of the beans is at the end one of Nespresso's recipe for success in terms of keeping the high standards of its coffee.
Thanks to that also all (up to 900 different coffee aromas) can optimally develop, which make a Nespresso coffee unique.
Additionally the unique capsule system is specially designed to protect these aromas and the coffee from light, air and humidity, so you can enjoy cup by cup in the same quality.
All in all that means that each Nespresso coffee has its own personality, different flavors and embodies the soul of its origins.... Crazy right?

My new Nespresso coffee discovery: Fortissio Lungo

Nespresso's - Fortissio Lungo coffee - is an intense roast mixture with sweet cereal and malty toasted notes. Thanks to the monsoons in India for this aroma! 

And since I got deep into basically everything about Nespresso, let me also tell you a bit about this coffee capsule and its history: 

During the monsoon season, beans from plantations in the southwestern state of Karnataka are spread with rakes thinly on the floor of warehouses on the Malabar coast. Then they are exposed to the wind and rain that comes in through the open sides of the camp. 

This so-called "monsooning" is the characteristic taste of the Fortissio Lungo, which had once been created by coincidence when the coffee was transported to Europe in wooden ships in the 18th century. In addition to the Monsooned Malabar Arabica, Nespresso has also used washed Colombian Arabica beans to intensify the aromas.
They roasted the two varieties in separate processes and coals of the same size and density are then roasted together in order to emphasize their characteristic properties optimally, so the sweet grain and malty toasted notes are balanced by a nice bitterness and a round, soft texture.

For me the Fortissio Lungo is definitely one of my top 5 favorites! X

For more Information about Nespresso's sustainability and quality aspects please visit https://www.nespresso.com/de/de/our-choices.

For more Information about the Fortisso Lungo and to order it right away click here

Special thanks to Nespresso & Max for making this article possible.  


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