*Anzeige / Unbezahlter Beitrag in Kooperation mit Phillips TV 

After the last 12 months we all have realized how great it is to have a proper TV. But even better than having just a TV is having a supreme smart TV that allows you to enjoy your favorite series, movies & football matches in breathtaking sharpness, picture quality, sound & atmosphere. 

Therefore Philips offers the PHILIPS TV OLED+ 935

Get ready to see what you never saw before

This PHILIPS TV not only comes along with the most supreme picture quality you can imagine but also has an integrated soundsystem by Bowers & Wilkins that will give you goosebumps while enjoying a movie or concert on it. 

Thanks to the P5 Engine - artificial intelligence - Philips TV is able to deliver you a 4K UHD Android TV – that gives you sharper images & most fascinating moments you have ever seen on a Smart TV. 

OLED technology gives vivid contrast and deep, inky blacks. The new P5 Picture Processing uses AI to optimize every frame, for breathtaking sharpness, motion, contrast, colour, and source perfection.

Also give your ears a treat with superb sound

With a picture this good, you need audio to match. Bowers & Wilkins’ trademark tweeter-on-top hardware delivers natural-sounding, crystal-clear dialogue and a wide-angle soundscape you can lose yourself in.

Discover the magic of 4-sided Ambilight - Try it once and you’ll never go back.

With Ambilight’s intelligent, ever-changing, color-matching light show, everything feels bigger and more epic. 

This is next level atmosphere! 

Authentic European Design - that integrates into every home 

Built along authentic European design principles, OLED+ is beautiful in action or at rest. 

The Phillips TV is available in three different display sizes > 48” / 55” / 65”.

I am using the PHILIPS TV OLED+ 935 with 55". 

For further information about Phillips TV OLED+ 935 please click HERE


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