Good morning in the morning right? 

Every morning I start the day with a nice cup of coffee and my "the adventure begins"  cup - which makes me smile and motivates me everyday. And since a few weeks this is true for me - everyday is an adventure and full of surprises. 

A good morning coffee is a fix ritual in my morning routine and no matter what - I always find the time to get my Nespresso coffee, to put on some music and to enjoy my coffee time before I start working on my e-mails. 

But why am I telling you this? First of all I got a lot of e-mails from you guys with the question how I begin my day and what I do in the morning and Nespresso contacted me as well asking If I would like to try the new Envivo Lungo Coffee. Since everyone of my friends knows that I am a committed Nespresso coffee fan - I decided to do this blogpost! :) 

I think Nespresso is the perfect solution for an easy and comfortable good morning coffee. I love the capsules (which are made of 100% aluminium and are recycble) - super easy to handle and timesavers for everyone who does not has tons of time.

The ENVIVO LUNGO has the intensity of 9, which makes it the strongest coffee in the Lungo selection of Nespresso. Perfect for everybody who loves and / or needs a strong coffee in the morning! ;) 

So if you are into coffee, you should definitely try the new Nespresso coffee! :) 

For more Information about Nespresso or the new Envivo Lungo Coffe visit : 


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