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Remember when I introduced you to my new smartphone, the Huawei P9 (here)? Now it is time to give you a whole review about it and all its functions and especially its co-engineered Leica lenses!

So lets get started and let us talk about the Camera! first 

I know there is a famous phone company everybody knows, that also just released a new big phone with 2 lenses but trust me guys, there is no comparison! I tried to out and the Huawei definitely wins regarding the camera! And here is why:
Huawei and Leica cooperated to created a stunning dual-lens camera in a really great-looking smartphone. Not only did hey manage to add more light and better clarity to the camera for amazing photos and videos, but also does the Huawei P9 capture brilliant colors  and the emotional appeal of Leica images.

It captures more light with two sensors, one RGB and one monochrome. So you can get incredible shots with the Huawei P9’s merging algorithm, which intelligently combines the colours taken by the RGB sensor with the detail of the monochrome sensor.
You can also shoot better in low light with the 1.25µm pixel size of the dual 12-megapixel camera and bring a professional quality to your photos in all conditions with the Huawei P9’s IMAGEsmart 5.0 technology.

Thanks to the Leica co-engineered Picture Quality Algorithm you can achieve professional camera-like photo quality, even in low light! The camera captures sharp images with built-in dual-core ISP, professional DSP, and the depth measurement ISP for improved image focusing, speeds, processing.
You can take photos with incredible speed, depth and clarity with ‘Hybrid Focus’ technology, using laser focus, depth measurement and contrast.

And here is another really special thing about the P9 : You can achieve professional photographic effects and access a powerful array of unique functions, including a choice of film modes, wide aperture effect, monochrome mode and professional mode like on a professional camera! Creating stunning images through the wide aperture effect makes so much fun! 
Another great feature is that you can edit your images without quality loss thanks to Huawei P9’s professional mode with RAW output - great if you want to work with photoshop on them! 

The - last but not least - really important feature about the Camera is the Bokeh-effect which is really, really great for portraits and pictures captured not further than 2m! It is really impressive and definitely a must-use-thing for you guys if you get the smartphone! 

The design. Chic, easy & timeless 

Concerning the design there is not much to say, except that it is amazing! Honestly I haven't seen a smartphone for a while that look that chic and was that easy to handle. The
metal unibody design with aerospace-class aluminum is compact and clean with its fluid curves. OH and BTW it is only 6.95 mm thin! 
Another great thing is the 5.2” FHD display with 16.7M colors, which brings out the true beauty of your photos and enhances watching videos and movies.
As i already mentioned in my first article about the phone (here) - I love the fingerprint sensor which is on the back of the phone and makes it really convenient to unlock it. 

Here are some shots I took with the P9 during the last weeks to show you how great the picture quality is! 

My final opinion on the Huawei P9 is, that it is an amazing smartphone with probably the best camera on the market. It is easy to handle, looks great and takes the best pictures with its co-engeneered Leica lenses! So if you are looking for a smartphone with those qualities, then there is no other way than going for the P9

Special thanks to Kim & Huawei Germany


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