Frankfurt, October 2016 - Boutique opening of the first German IWC Schaffhausen boutique in Goethestr. 18 in Frankfurt. The swiss watch manufactory and Jeweler Bucherer invited their close friends to celebrate this very special occasion. I was lucky to be part of this amazing event and took some pictures for you guys. 

Now the Boutique in Frankfurt is the 'home of the brand' which will provide every customer and watch lover with the highest expertise based on its 150 year old tradition and offer the whole range of the IWC watches.

IWC is working since years with one of my all time favorite shoemakers - Santoni, who is providing some of the watch straps for the IWC watches and so they invited Santoni to the event and showed the guest how the leather shoes and watch straps are colored.

So if you're looking for a new watch, an IWC watch, then this is your address! Goethestrasse 18 in Frankfurt!

For more information about the new boutique and the brand please visit

Special thanks to C. and the team of IWC.


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