Burgundy Sneakers...hello autumn!

Munich. October 2017. 

There we go. Autumn arrived ... officially!
Goodbye shorts & hello wool trousers! Goodbye bright colors & hello black, grey, blue... & burgundy! 

Burgundy... an underestimated color that basically fits to every autumn / winter combination, adding some color without being too present or aggressive. A subtile color that suits everybody. 

But the colors are not the only issues I have in terms of styling, when it gets cold outside... Most of the time my biggest styling challenge is shoes... in my case mostly sneakers ... I love sneakers so much! Especially white ones. But as most of you guys also know, there are sometimes situations where there is no chance to wear them ... for example on rainy days. -.- 
That's why I am so excited to introduce you to my new burgundy sneakers by VOILE BLANCHE (here) which are definitely a great alternative to white sneakers and literally fit to every trouser and every outfit color.

I discovered Voile Blanche recently and must say, that these sneakers are really great. Not only do they look pretty cool but they are super comfortable, are nicely produced and made of great fabrics.
For those of you who got curious, check out www.VoileBlanche.com and their online shop with a bunch of great sneaker styles in different colors. 
Below you will find 2 autumn looks with my new VOILE BLANCHE Sneakers (here) combined to blue, black and burgundy clothes. 

Also check out my blog on a regular base to find more looks with my Voile Blanche sneakers and a lot of different stylings! X

For further information about the brand & / or the sneakers check out: www.VoileBlanche.com

In collaboration with Voile Blanche.


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